Hotel K by Kathryn Bonella

I’d be honest, the only thing that sparked my interest to read this book is that it mentioned Chef Gordon Ramsay’s brother – Ronnie Ramsay at the back cover. Chef Ramsay is my favourite Chef to watch! His perfectionist and no-nonsense attitude is great to watch. So reading about his brother’s life in jail should be interesting.

“Hotel K” opens with

This book is dedicated to anyone travelling to the tropical paradise of Bali.

Be careful. It could be a holiday you never forget. Even one ecstasy pill could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and a stint in the hellhole Hotel Kerobokan.

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

It is a cleverly written and surreal book, I give it that. The author has the uncanny abilities to connect the dots between all these old photographs and weaved a simple, magical story. Its grey-toned cover with a young girl floating above ground, combined with the word ‘peculiar’ on the cover, sends a delicious shiver down my spine. I’m excited to read this book!

Now, bear in mind that this is, after all, a children or young adult’s book. So if you are looking for something deeper, something with more plots, something that has lots of character development… I guess you’ll have to look elsewhere. This book offers you beautiful vintage photographs staccato-ed amongst a story about children, magic, time tunnel, heinous beasts and interestingly, choices. Choices for young adults – interesting, no?

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To Read: WTF Are Men Thinking?

Today I’m going to buy this awesome book called “WTF ARE MEN THINKING?” from MPH Online. Although no discount for online purchasing (strange), I still consider it a steal as I can gain INSIGHTS into WHAT THE FUCK ARE MEN THINKING. Ho ho ho! I speak on behalf of all women that we would really love to know how men’s brains churn and how their thoughts work. Ya know, it’s really tough for us to understand you guys too. :)

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Date A Girl Who Reads

A nicely written piece by Jou Jou, on the virtues of dating a girl who reads.

While I cannot claim to have read the books that Jou Jou indicated in the blog, nor agree with the peculiarities of girls who read, I do certainly agree on the Twilight series bit. Yeah, I guess this jibe has not gotten old yet. :D

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False Friends from Stephen Leather

Stumbled across this while I was surfing YouTube. I’m noob so this is my first time see a video teaser for a new book release – you can imagine my excitement! :D :D :D

This “False Friends” from Stephen Leather will be in my to-read list of 2013.

The Eye of The World, Robert Jordan

Hmm… Although I’ve never bought an illustration book for any fantasy series, preferring to use my own imagination instead, somehow I felt very much inclined to consider the Eye of The World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Three.

Of course, being fully endorsed by Robert Jodran and adapted by the renown comics writer Chuck Dixon, this is certainly worth a look. I especially wanted to see how they interpreted Aes Sedai Moiraine – who remained my favourite Aes Sedai.

Kinokuniya Offer on The Memory of Light

The best place to purchase Robert Jordon’s last book “The Memory of Light” from the epic saga “The Wheel of Time” would be Kinokuniya – who offers 20% discount from January 8th to January 31st. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly heading over there shortly to grab my copy! :)

Jamie’s 15 minute meals

‘This is incredible food, cooked ridiculously quickly, and I’ve done all the thinking for you.’ - Jamie Oliver

For a person that can’t cook and doesn’t like cooking, I sure like browsing through cookbooks! Any cookbooks that has very simple recipe, great pictures, and generally takes less than 30 minutes for prep time AND to cook are extremely appealing to me.  I think this has very much to do with me fancying myself as a great cook! (Note to all – Key word is fancy.) Plus, Jamie Oliver’s one of my favourite chefs as I always feel 100% happier watching him cooked with such flair and love.

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The 4-Hour Workweek

I first came across this book in Kinokuniya at Singapore quite some time ago. The titles are kind of hard to refuse – Escape the 9 to 5, live anywhere, and join the new rich. Who in their right mind doesn’t want a life like that? (OK, there ARE some self-punishing folks out there who would really prefer the 9 to 5 life and enjoy being bombarded by unnecessary work their whole life. But who am I to judge them?) I didn’t purchase it cos I thought I could find it easily in Malaysia bookstores to fully utilize my RM1,000 tax rebate.

Well, frankly, I forgot about the book. Then again, it didn’t hit the “recommended” or “top 10″ list of the Malaysian bookstores or I’d have seen it earlier.  Thus, when I came across this book in Times I have to purchase it straight away. Just take note that it’s RM 75.90 – quite pricey for self-help books but hey! It’s the expanded and updated version afterall.

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